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Acting Dean

Welcome to the Walailak University International College of Dentistry.

Recognizing the significance of education and research to ameliorate oral health disparities among Thais, Walailak University Council approved to establish “The International College of Dentistry Initiative” on December 24, 2016. The program has since evolved to International College of Dentistry on October 28, 2017 (announced in Thai government gazette on February 9, 2018). This dental academic establishment is the first and currently the only international college of dentistry in Thailand. Walailak University International College of Dentistry or WUICD will offer international programs on D.D.S. and a variety of postgraduate programs including Master degree in Orthodontics and Ph.D. in Oral Sciences. We have partnered with several leading dental institutes around the world including the National University of Singapore, University of Dundee and James Cook University. We commit to getting our students ready for the 21st-century education and skills in general education, basic sciences and contemporary dentistry.

In addition to following the guideline from the Thai Dental Council, our curriculum will comprehensively prepare our graduates for serving regional and international demand.

With the education system shifting towards providing learner-centered experiences and creating the innovative learning environment for all students, we designed our system with the concept “anytime, anywhere”, active learning experiences across mobile devices and smart classroom technology. For clinical skill training, we will incorporate state-of-the-art digital clinical dentistry to bring exceptional resources to our students. We are working together with world-leading technology developing company, Huawei, to bring ICT system and innovative solutions to build the first “smart university”.

Our Thai and international faculty include highly qualified professors and scholars who have extensive teaching, research and successful practice experiences with the commitment to excellence to provide mentorship and guidance for students. Our students will immerse in professional development, research and clinical specialization throughout our undergrad program and continue in higher degree programs.  It is part of our core values to help our students develop the skills, competencies and dispositions of professional attributes necessary to succeed in any fields they choose to pursue. We give utmost importance to academic achievement by offering merit-based scholarships to the top 10% of class rank students who commit to working with us, WUICD at Thasala, Nakhorn Si Thammarat post graduation. In addition, every senior year students will be required to take elective programs abroad with full funding for 6 weeks to broaden their experiences.

With our commitment to producing well-rounded 21st-century skill dentists and our focus on engaging in an active and happy learning environment, we believe that our students will be continually challenged to discover and inquire. And students will obtain lifetime skills in critical thinking, self-evaluation, and reflection on ethical values.
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